Council of Dragons (March's Vision)

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Council of Dragons (March's Vision) Empty Council of Dragons (March's Vision)

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BELOW, TOWARD THE GREAT Tyber Mountains they came. Some in pairs some alone. Fierce ddragon helmshid all but the eyes; eyes that in the coming darkness burned a deep anger. Each was armored in full plate with flowing cloaks like wild specters of the night made the riders appear to be flying and, in truth any onlooker would have believed such were possible for these men.

If men they were.

Eleven they numbered gradually coming together in one group. There were no words of acknowledgement or for that matter the simple nod of a head. They were known to each other and ththey hadraveled this way countless times for countless years. Sometimes their numbers were didifferent but the path was always the same. Though each counted the other as brothers, feuding was common amoung them. They thus rode silently for the enitre journey, ahead of them the tyber mountains stretching to the heavens beckoning.

at long last they reached the first of the mountains. Here appeared to be an end to their travels. No path woundthrough the mountains; rather the road ended abruptly at the base of one of the largest of leviathans. Nevertheless the riders made no attempt to slow. They seemed intent on charging into the very earth itself. The mounts did not question their masters merley pursued their course as they had always done.
As if bowing to their defiance the mountion seemed to melt and shift. The impregnable barrier of nature disappeared and a vast pathnow led through. The riders ignoring this fantastic act continued on at their hellish pace. The horses snorted smoke as they passed the barrier, but showed no sign of fatigue. This journey was nothing to their kind.

Through twisting and turning roads they moved. Icy trails and treacherous ravines did not slow the group. Again though things not of mans world hid and watched, the riders were not hindered. few creatures would be so foolishas to confront them.

Buried in the mountains was a great gate of bronze that seemed as ageless as theland. This is where the riders came to a stop and dismounted there Nightmares (Horse's) The gate towered over the onlookers and on the face were carvings ancient and undescribable.

One of the the riders walked up to it. Beneath his helm were eyes lie frost. What little of his face that was visible was white. Grimly, he raised his left arm, fist clenched, and pointed it at the huge gate. With a groan , the huge, bornze door slowly opened. The pale warrior returned to his companions. The riders lead their mounts inside. Torches provided the only light inside the cave. Much of the caravan was natural, but the work in expanding it would have left even the dawarves overwhelmed. It made little differnce to the riders; they had long stopped paying attentuion to their surroundings. Even the sentries only shadows but ever present were ignored.
Something dark and scaled and only barely humaniod crawled up to the riders, it's clawed, misshaped had outstreched. each of the cloaked travelers turned his horse over to the servent.

The riders entered the main carven.

Like some resplendent but anient temple the citadel of thier host gave forth a feeling of tremendous power. Effigies of human and inhuman form stood here and there. All were long dead and even history had forgotten their kind. Here at last did the riders showsome measure of respect. Each knelt one at a time before the great seated figure before them. When all had done so they formed a half circle with thier host.

The serpentine neck arched. Gleaming eyes surveyed the group. Bloodred tongue lashed out momentarly in satisfaction, the tremendous membraned wings streching out in fullglory. Despite the dim light the gold sheen of the dragons scaled body completed a picture of pure majesty, befitting the king of his land. Yet there was just the sligest note of something akin to insecurity. Wehter the others noted it or not was hidden in thier own thoughts.

In a voice that was a hiss yet caused the room itself to vibrate slightly the gold spoke.

"Welcome Brethern! Welcome me and make this home yours!"
Far spread apart each of the riders became blurred as if they had been nothing more then illusion. Raher they grew there bodies became like quicksilver, their shapes twisting. Wings and tails spouted and armes and legs became calws and wings. The helms melted into faces. Mouths spread into massive maws, rows of long sharp teeth glistening in the dim light all traces of humanity disappear in seconds.

The council of the dragon kings came to order.

The Gold nodded, as Emperor, King of kings he was pleased to see that the others had followed his command so readily. He spojke again and this time smoke issued out.

"I am pleased that you could make it. I feared that some of you might have let emoiotns over rule you." he stared at the black Dragon of the deadly grey marches. The Black did not speak , but his eyes blazed. The gold turned his attention to the nearest of his bretheren. the blue,

"The council has been called due to the request of master Skyee. He notes a stragne happening and wishes to discover if such events exist in lands other then his.

"My liege. Brethern" He studied all around him especially the balck Dragon. "In the years gone by, my domain has be very calm. The humans have remained quiet and my clans have good hatchlings.

This time the bronze Dragon in the room grunted. The barren lands in the south west that belonged to him had be decaying since the last dragon war and he had not been so lucky with his broods.

The Blue ignored the outburst and continued. "Recently however, things have changed... there is no unrest-no that inplies to much. There is a feeling, one like that things have changed and are no longer on the course we planned for.

The remark was met by a wave of bone numbing cold. A slight frost settled whereever the ice dargons breath had reached. The gold Dragon starred disapprovingly at him. Gaunt to the point of being cadaverous, the king of the northern wastes laughed again. Of all the dragons he was he least seen and least loved.

"You are becoming an old dame, brother! " You should simply cower behind your subjects like you always do and let them deal with the problem."

"Speaks the monarch of a land more empty then the Blues wastes!"

"Speaks the Monarh who knows how to rule!!!" A blizzard threatened to erupt from within the Ice dragon.


The thundering roar of the Gold dragon overwhelmed all else. The Ice dargon fell back his snow-covered eyes averted from the brilliance of his emperor. When the King of Kings became angered, hisbody glowed.

"Such infighting nearly brought us down once. Have you forgotten that so soon?"

All held their heads low , save for the black dragon. On his massive mouth was just the barest hint of pleasure. The gold looked at him sharply but did not reprimend. In this instance the black was justified.

"For nearly five hundred human years did we fight that war- and nearly faced defeat! Our brother blue still feels the aftereffects as he watches his clan dwindle. His problem is most evident; yet we all have scars from then. Now we have bigger thing to worry about then our infighting."

Black eyed his lord warily, "What do you mean?"

"The Lords hachings are coming soon and this brood seems more promising then the last."
Four eggs of the clutch bear the speckled band."

"Four!" The wordwas like a cry of exultation. The speckled band , this was the sigh of Kings. Such eggs were to be guarded, for successors of Dragon Kings were extreamly rare.

"It will be weeks before hatching takes place. The dam guards against unruly minor drakes and outside scavengers of all forms. If luck holds they will break free."

"Then it is all the more importat that we find this disturbance and destroy it!" Reminded the blue dragon.

"There are rumors in my lands as well." The Black slight smile put all those in the room on edge. "The Knight and his army have taken down another lair... This one was of a full adult Green." There was no need to mention his name all knew the "Knight" he had been collecting dragon slaying wannabe's for years under the banner of treasure and women. The worst part was his army kept growing and winning again and again.

"This human will be stopped after we have exploited him for what we need." The gold gleamed once again allowing all in the room to know that this nessisary evil angered him as well. "Very well we will find what is bothering our brother and destroy whatever it is before it can do any serious harm to our plans."

Vision fade.

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